Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sentry Eagle in Klamath Falls

In late July we went to the Air Show at the Air National Guard Base in Klamath Falls. As things often go with little kids, it didn't go exactly as Daddy had planned. We got there at midday and almost all the events were earlier and later. We got to tour the F-15Es that Daddy sees everyday above his head while working timber in the mountains, then watched all the F-18s and F-15Es take off for a big dogfight scheduled later in the afternoon. It was so hot and the boys were "cooked", so we left before the dogfight began. We did get to see like 20 of them take off ("It's really loud, Daddy" said Dominic) and tour the medical helicopters and jets, though. Pretty impressive! Check out Dominic's form as he handles the joystick for the Blackhawk!

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