Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Dominic insisted on going to school as a cowboy--
I came into his room to get him, and he was on the floor almost sweating trying to get his cowboy boots on, the boots are crazy too small-- I'm not sure how we will get them off-

We are just lucky Paddy is dressed...
This is Mike's potato maker... and Dominic wearing his new favorite boot assemble, one of each and not always the correct foot-- oh and my vaccum attachment? What the ?

Rainy Day Columbus Day- so Mom, Dad and Paddy could take him to school-

Going to school on a rainy day! He loves the slicker and the rain boots or fireman boots!
He was concerned that his backpack would be getting wet- as its not under the slicker- and relieved he had a rain hood, we couldn't find a rain hat- but the brim worked...

Outside of preschool, (temp location at the Parish Hall)

Dominic showing us his cubby and name-

Ms Dawn and D, one of his teachers...

Overall wearing Music Maker!


Grandma and Grandpa Tighe Visit Lakeview II

Grandpa and Grandma Tighe Visit Lakeview