Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Monday, October 1, 2012

Dommy and Daddy go camping

For Dominic's birthday (Sept. 3rd) Daddy promised him we could go camping and had been looking for the right time to do this.  We succeeded in doing a quick overnighter on Sept. 21 at Dog Lake.  Just Daddy and Dommy!  We really had a great night.  We went out after supper and got there at dark.  We had a nice campfire, roasted smores, counted stars, and listened to the quiet.  Then we woke up after a nice night to the waterfowl out on the lake.
Dommy waking up in the tent

"Look Dad, I can stand up in here!"

Our campsite at Dog Lake

Breakfast-time; still in the 40s

Daddy and Dominic--first camping together 2012

Where's the beach, Dominic?  Over theeeeeeerrrrrre!
 We really had a great time, and Dommy says his favorite parts were s'mores by the campfire, snuggling with Dad, the birds on the lake in the morning, and mostly, peeing wherever you want to! 

Here's Jack!

Jack, 2 months old

Birthday Trees

Mommy and Jack pose in front of Jack0

Jackie in the hole

Dominic in the hole

Following our tradition of planting a tree each year for the kids' birthdays, we just finished our 3rd and final tree this past weekend.  Above, we planted Jack0 and Dominic4 by Strawberry Lake near the big Barry Point Fire that burned closeby this summer (94,000 acres).  Jack0 is a ponderosa pine, and Dominic4 is an incense cedar (Daddy's favorite tree around here).  Here's a short video of the boys starting the holes to help Daddy!
Patrick2 was a Colorado blue spruce that we planted near our house by Deadman's Creek.  Since it's an exotic species here, we planted it in the urban part of town near a place we often walk.  It was a little dark, then Paddy seemed to find something interesting in his nose later, too (hahahaha).

Patrick in the hole

"Daddy, got a boogie in dere."