Friday, July 13, 2012

Festival of Flight (Lakeview) July 5th

i toyed with several comments, how about Large and not in charge?
(our town/house is below)

on top of Black Cap

waiting for the right thermal air,,

another one who took off

really neat experience to see and i think we are all interested for next year,

U.Tom's visit (fishing)

Gearheart Wilderness Blue Lake - with mosquito prevention

Airport travel - home

Lots of folks at cabin-

Cabin of grandkids

FISH, fish and fish

unfortunately we missed the fry,,,

u.bill and u.tom

grandpa and dave supervising the cleaning

i believe this is finally dominic's (big) rock bass...

Alone time at the cabin...

Fishing with Grandpa Tighe- Strawberry Lake Cabin

first dominic

focused and learning

best part the worms

ready for the big one..
pulling in the BIG Rock Bass...

Paddy want a piece of the action

i love this photo, patty, grandpa and paddy all smiling and happy at sunset..

Ann Arbor visit - Applegates

Leo and Dominic

Leo teaching D how it's done

Henry, Dominic, Patrick and Leo after wrestling and sweating,,,

June Trip to Reno with Audra and kids

Dominic driving alone

Elizabeth enjoying it

Liam really getting it and enjoying it

dominic focused

audra zooming around the big track with the kids, while i watched, ;(