Friday, August 19, 2011

The Steens

Last weekend we took a whirlwind trip to the Steens Mountains in eastern Oregon. It was intended to be a camping trip, but Daddy didn't get everything ready in time so we took a day trip instead. The Steens is a 9,000+' mountain "range" near Burns, OR.

We saw some pronghorn in the refuge on the way there, and the wildflowers were really cool.

Then stopped at the famous French Glen Hotel for lunch.

Views from Steens Mountain and the boys:

And some crazy flower seed pods and a grasshopper:

The window to visit the Steens is only a couple of months in the summer (it was snowed in completely in June!), so we took this quick trip but hope to do a longer one next year!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Fish and Frolics

A couple of weeks ago we went fishing together to Withers Lake, a little reservoir near Paisley, OR. It's tiny, but the state stocks it with rainbow and brown trout. It was a little challenging to keep everyone engaged (Paddy and Dominic), but we ended up pulling out 3 browns and got a couple more from some guys we met (they already had a cooler-full). Here's Dommy modeling the trout and rocking the Spongebob underoos!

Here's Dommy with the big wheel and luggage riding in front of the house. He just said "Daddy, I'm going on a trip." Then I found him towing his suitcase up and down the block. Smart kid!

Paisley's Mosquito Fest

Paisley is a tiny town (pop. 140) about 45 mins. from Lakeview where Mike has been working a lot lately. They have an annual MosquitoFest community fair to raise money for mosquito abatement (spraying). They have a parade, horseshoe contest, rodeo, and barbeque. We went up for the parade, went fishing at Withers, and had a great day. Here are some pics from the parade:

And last but not least, every parade needs a kid dressed up like a mosquito, right?

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Bucket Boys

Is Daddy that strong? Holy Whuh.

Someday soon the boys will be too big for buckets...

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Fishing at Strawberry

After our Fourth trip we had the fishing bug, so we went out to Strawberry Reservoir near Lakeview for bass. They have a ton of small, smallmouth bass that someone stocked there, and they're a blast to catch. We got our limit there one evening (all about 11" long) and had a great meal. Try as we might, Dominic didn't land any fish with his Spiderman pole there yet, but we hope to go again soon. Oh, and here's Kirsten modeling the latest fishing gear for the new L.L.Bean catalog! (ha,ha)

Fourth of July in Michigan

For the past 3 summers we've had the tradition of flying back to MI for the Fourth of July and getting a cabin with almost all the Tighes for a week in the U.P. We've got a fantastic place on a small lake in the Hiawatha National Forest that sleeps all ~30 of us, and it's just great to see everyone playing and together each summer. Here are some pics of this year's adventure.

Patrick in the lawn by Miner's Castle on Lake Superior, then eating noodles at Grandma and Grandpa Tighes':

A loon in the cabin lake as we walked up:

Dommy and Paddy in the same wagon Daddy grew up with, then playing in the sprinkler with cousin Ella:

The Fourth parade in Gladstone, then Cousin Paul in Lake Michigan:

The fireworks show in Escanaba (over Lake MI) was fantastic as usual!:

Sentry Eagle in Klamath Falls

In late July we went to the Air Show at the Air National Guard Base in Klamath Falls. As things often go with little kids, it didn't go exactly as Daddy had planned. We got there at midday and almost all the events were earlier and later. We got to tour the F-15Es that Daddy sees everyday above his head while working timber in the mountains, then watched all the F-18s and F-15Es take off for a big dogfight scheduled later in the afternoon. It was so hot and the boys were "cooked", so we left before the dogfight began. We did get to see like 20 of them take off ("It's really loud, Daddy" said Dominic) and tour the medical helicopters and jets, though. Pretty impressive! Check out Dominic's form as he handles the joystick for the Blackhawk!

Kiddie Pool/Backyard Fun

Summer has been a blast this year at the Tighes. Paddy is bigger and enjoys the pool, and Dominic still fits well and likes to jump in. They are also getting the hang of the cheap slip'n'slide we put out, but Daddy's usually too wet to take photos then! Here's Paddy eating yogurt, about to get hosed off, then both boys playing in the backyard on a warm day. Although it's been a much cooler summer than usual, we've had lots of nice swimming days for the backyard and community pool. Dommy and Paddy have both done swimming lessons this summer, but also play in the water each day with our daycare person who comes over Mon-Thurs to our house.

Camping At Junipers

In mid-July we took the boys out camping to test things before camping anywhere serious. We went to an RV park on the edge of town (Lakeview) that's owned by a friend. They have tent sites and a trout-stocked reservoir and it was free and easy. It was nice, but got a little colder than we planned for at night! Daddy was going to just use a thin blanket and Paddy would be in his pack'n'play, but after an hour of shivering we all cuddled up under the two sleeping bags (all 4 people). Mental note: bring more warm sleeping bags next time we camp in Oregon! Here are pics of Dommy taunting the cattle next to our tentsite, then Paddy getting changed in the tent hotel at the RV site (Junipers RV Resort).