Thursday, August 18, 2011

Fish and Frolics

A couple of weeks ago we went fishing together to Withers Lake, a little reservoir near Paisley, OR. It's tiny, but the state stocks it with rainbow and brown trout. It was a little challenging to keep everyone engaged (Paddy and Dominic), but we ended up pulling out 3 browns and got a couple more from some guys we met (they already had a cooler-full). Here's Dommy modeling the trout and rocking the Spongebob underoos!

Here's Dommy with the big wheel and luggage riding in front of the house. He just said "Daddy, I'm going on a trip." Then I found him towing his suitcase up and down the block. Smart kid!

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JT said...

Did Dom catch those? Good job updating! I love seeing the boys!!! They're so big and cute :)