Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tighes Visit and Planting Dominic 1

The Tighe grandparents came to visit for a short trip between visits to WA and ID last week. It was fantastic, and above are two different babysitting techniques pioneered by Dad and Mom (ha,ha,ha!). We had a great time doing a multitude of things, and Dad lightened his pocket of some change as he was leaving. We decided to put it in Dominic's new "First Piggy Bank" he received for his birthday from the Powers Family. After showing him how to slide a few coins in the slot, he took to doing it himself very well. Actually, half went in the bank and the others were redirected towards his mouth. He's either gonna save a lot or eat it all away--scary.
Grandma and Grandpa also took a trip up to Black Cap, the high peak overlooking Lakeview (6,355 ' above sea level). We had a great view of the area, and also saw some smoke on the horizon toward Abert Rim off the back side of Black Cap.
Near the end of the visit we finally fulfilled our family tradition of planting a local species of tree in the woods on Dominic's birthday. This year it was a ponderosa pine (Pinus ponderosa) that we planted up Bullard Canyon just on the edge of Lakeview (N 42 11'29.3", W 120 18' 23.0"). Dominic was helping as much as he could when he wasn't scouting the area or playing with paintballs. We dug the hole about "waist deep" and added lots of water. Even though it's a ponderosa site, the mountain pine beetle isn't far away. Let's hope it stays far away from Bullard Canyon!

Hunting Sunstones in Plush

Last week Dominic and Mike went out to Plush to pick sunstones with Grandma and Grandpa Tighe. It's 36 miles to Lakeview to Plush, then another 26 on gravel roads to the public collection site (two miles past Nowheresville). Probably a little too much washboard than the Toyota (and Grandma and Grandpa), but we made it!
We picked a whole bunch of sunstones (the state gem of Oregon) while there, and they are currently with the Idaho Tighes for polishing. The gems are semi-precious at best, but really cool, and they make jewelry from them here locally.

Apples and Tighes

The past week the apples on our backyard tree have really begun to ripen, exactly coinciding with Grandma and Grandpa Tighe's visit. We capitalized on the opportunity to attend an apple class at the Oregon State Extension office with the Tighes. There, we made apple pie filling and learned about the different kinds of local apples locally. Here are a few pics of our tree, along with an action shot of Grandpa Tighe coring Gloria Munda apples during the OSU class. The pie was delicious!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


with apples

in green overalls

Dressed by Mike

So Mike found where I had been keeping the camo pants, goodness,,,
Loving his camo pants-

Funny photo of his face but check out his cow boots from grandma cass!

Excuse me,,

Who put this crazy happy kid on our bed wiht out any uh support?

Lake County Rodeo!

To catch a greased pig--

Cousin Nicolas hanging on to Dominic thank goodness.. thank you

Afterwards both Nicolas and Madison chased down the greasy pig,, but it was too greasy,,

Nicolas take charge of Dominic thank you-

A sight you all can see when ya'll come to visit-- our cowboy at Safeway! (Aunt Kathleen and Nicolas and Madison)

Dominic almost ready- which hat to wear?

Bath after birthday cake!

After he ate his birthday cake of a blue baseball
It's a cute short robe from grandma Gaby,, we love it- so does Dominic, looks like a playboy with it on ready to party with Hugh - cracks me up...

Bonanza Oregon- State chilli cookoff

What a great happy kid, all these photos were taken there in Bonanza,, about an hour from Lakeview. I love this outfit, possibly my favorite, but also one that has folks referring to D as her,, so I guess less orange here and more camo and leather? Yes a kid playing with D was wearing a leather vest, so much more 'boy' ,,, we'll see, no monster trucks here yet,, we can try out the cowboy stuff though--

Before arriving in Lakeview,,

A day fishing and visiting for us in Filer Idaho - best day for mike on the whole trip!

Some photos from our drive WEST!!

Dominic facing backwards in the backset,, smiling as he often did- luckily-
Wyoming- Linoln Statue- time for a needed break- (and jacked up hair)
Visiting in Peoria IL, at Aunt Shirley's house
Dominic on the furniture at Aunt Shirley's house with Aunt Nancy in the back ready...

Nancy and Eldon walking D around their yard..

Dominic getting into Eldon's garden--

Danville Illinois, home of Ball jars and Lori Hamburg!! Note nothing is broken... and who wouldnt want to touch the tulips?
Getting ready to eat all the food, meatballs, salad, italian beef,