Sunday, January 25, 2009

Inauguration/Snow Day in Raleigh

We couldn't have planned it better. Here we were, coming off the MLK day holiday, groaning that we had to go to work. I figured my boss wouldn't let us see the inauguration, and we were expecting bad weather. Well, we woke up to ~3" of the white stuff, with work and schools cancelled! Above is snow on the holly trees, a snowman I made for Dommy, and a view of our patio furniture in the backyard.

Although three inches is nothing, they didn't plow the sideroads at all, and the high temp was only 26 degrees, so the black ice was an issue. I think another big part of the puzzle for us is that the roads are really narrow and everyone parks their fancy cars on the street. In the U.P., there are fewer Lexuses and BMWs on the roads, and they have to park in designated areas for the plows. Here they have more narrow, twisty streets, and they're full of expensive rigs, so the plows only hit the major roads (if they even get them). Because of the snow day, Dommy and I got to stay home and watch the inauguration from start to finish, making us proud Americans for sure (except all the nonsense about Michelle Obama's wardrobe).

Grant enjoyed the snow with his best friend Kylie, while we all took a "sled" ride around the neighborhood. I inventetd a sled from Dommy's carseat together with a nice cardboard box and some clothesline--just like downtown!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

First time sledding!

On New Year's Day at Uncle Danny and Aunt Julie's in Lower Michigan, Dommy got his first chance at sledding in their front yard. It was a great time with all their children, and Dommy got his first taste as Mommy filmed it. No points for grace or artistic merit, but the filming does make it look like Eddie the Eagle at the top of the 90M as we're about to descend! Check out Paul's header into the redbud on his new sledtube at the end.

Apparently Ralphie (A Christmas Story reference) doesn't like his new snowsuit so much!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Double Dunkin' Video

Dominic and his cousin Bennett were baptized together on December 28th at St. Anne's Parish in Escanaba, Michigan. Below is the annointing with water portion. We've got the whole ceremony on video courtesy of Aunt Lory (great job, Lor!), but will show just the highlights below. What a great day.

Friday, January 16, 2009

I saw the light, I was baptized...

Lots of photos follow, so I'll try to keep the text brief and focus on the important stuff!

While we were in the U.P. for Christmas, we worked it out to have Dominic baptized with his cousin Bennett (Colleen and Bill's son) at the same time at St. Anne's. This is the same church I grew up going to, where I was an altar boy and confirmed, and Dominic even wore the family baptism gown I wore way back in 1971! It was really a special day, and we're very thankful for all the work Colleen did with the scheduling and papers to make it happen. First, at left is a dynamite foto of Kirsten and Dominic just after the baptism ceremony. Mike is a lucky guy! Next to them is a photo of Dominic with his Godparents, Bill and Colleen Reader. They are also holding their son Bennett, part of the Double Dunkin' Duo, who was also baptized this day. Notice the extra large size of his baptism gown! Below that are Grandma and Grandpa Tighe with their newly-baptized grandsons. Dominic and Bennett both reacted very well to the annointing, no crying and no whining. I'll try to post a video of this later tonight.

Below left is a photo of all the family present for the ceremony, with Father: (clockwise from Dominic): Colleen, Bill, Eva, Dave, Fr. Janusz, Mike, Mom (just barely!), Lorne, Bennett, Patty, and Kirsten. At center are the proud parents posing with the Godparents and Fr. Janusz. At right is Dominic in the act, being blessed and annointed.

After the ceremony, we went out for brunch at one of our favorite haunts, the Delona. It's a landmark place in Bayview near Gladstone made from a log cabin. We had a great meal (Patty even got her Delona Hoagie fix taken care of), but Dominic spent the whole time in the corner sleeping. Didn't a famous philosopher once say something about putting Baby in the corner? Wait, no, that was Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing....

Whachoo talkin' 'bout, Willis?

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Christmas in the U.P.

The Family Tighe flew to the wilds of the Upper Peninsula for Christmas this year. Present were Grandma and Grandpa Tighe, Uncle Dave, Aunt Lory, Aunt Colleen & Uncle Bill, Uncle Lorne & Aunt Patty, and Uncle Bobby & Aunt Judy. We got to see Uncle Danny and Aunt Julie in Rockford for New Year's, too.

Dominic gets a bath at Grandpa and Grandma's house.

Dominic (4 months) and his cousin Charlie (about 16 months). Dominic had just been sledding with his Dad, hence the rosy cheeks!
Dominic poses with the Rockford cousins, etc. while ushering in 2009. Left to right: Charlie, Ella, Paul, Dominic, Eva, and Maggie.

Dominic finally met his cousin Bennett, who's about 7 weeks older and a whole lot bigger. They played together several times, and at times seemed to actually perceive that the other was there!

The collection of gifts for the gift exchange. Of course the No.1 son had the biggest one in the middle, which we later found out held a mini-remote control helicopter!

Aunt Lory held and watched Dominic a lot, especially when his Mom and Dad needed it most!