Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Brookings and the Redwoods

Last weekend we went to Medford and ended up there at 10am all done with our business and enjoying 65 degrees with sun. We decided to go for it and continue on to the coast, with stops in small towns and the redwoods on the way. We went to the resort town of Brookings on the California border to enjoy the tidal pools. Dommy and Paddy had a blast looking at the crabs, shells, and rocks, even though it got a little rainy on us. The local lighthouse was super cool, but we couldn't find a way out to it.

On the way back we stopped at Jebediah Smith State Park to see the redwoods. Although we've been to Muir Woods and seen some big trees, these were really impressive and since it was winter we had the whole place to ourselves.

And now for the coup de grace...a little liquid fertilizer makes the redwoods grow even bigger!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Haircut Sunday

Daddy "got busy" with the scissors this weekend on both the kids' heads. Dommy's haircut turned out just okay (lessons learned) after a couple of iterations...

But Paddy's mullet turned out perfect! His first haircut, albeit just a little trim!

Check out this Christmas Mullet from --look familiar? hahahaha

Cute kids--carseats and globes

He's got the whole woooorrld, in his hands!

A look backward into the car seats on a recent trip. They look like angels, right....look like!

Paddy monkeying around in the front room...

Monday, February 6, 2012

Ice Skating in Klamath Falls

On Saturday we went skating in Klamath Falls (along with recycling and shopping) for the first time. The only arena around is at the Running Y Ranch, a formerly exclusive resort for the Jeld-Wen Corporation. Now they have a really nice "outdoor" ice arena under a pavillion and we decided to try it this year with our good friends the Markus family. Dominic started out very slowly, but was doing really well and "skating" by himself by the end. Paddy did great, hanging in there very well throughout. We all had a great time and figure we'll be experts with just another day or so of training!