Thursday, March 24, 2011

At the beach in Seattle


lodge is our favorite spots,, toys and food
doing great running along next to him

with the harness, which is good but when really steep it sort of hurt him i think as hard to get him to turn and do snow plows too

doing great alone

hard to keep up at times

talking him out of the lodge and how fun it is to ski,,

again snacks and drinks are favorites

this is how was are going to do it,



going to work.... like daddy

snowman made with grandma

while paddy was sleeping dominic and daddy made a snow paddy and a packerfan snowman i believe dominic is saying "touchdown Packers"

paddy helping clean up after eating,, ;)


Children's museum Chicago January

the bean
paddy and bean and dad

Judy and paddy and bean

childrens museum light beads

dominic and the bean

paddy loving the museum


dominic in the kitchen making pizza and cookies

too much

too cold looking at the windows

uncovering the bones at the museum

light board

Chicago museum and ice skating

getting the skates on
not sure yet

paddy in front of Danny,, differences in ages of baptisms,,

dominic on the ice -- tolerating,,

needing more convincing that its fun

wasn't that fun,,, but maybe more in the chair,,

San Jose Fire Department

Grandpa took Dominic to the fire department
Paddy at home climbing all over