Friday, October 2, 2009

Hiking at Mill Trail

We went hiking last weekend at the Mill Trail on the Fremont-Winema National Forest (where Kirsten works). It's a short trail that links with a big network of trails, part of the national scenic trail system and the most-visited one in the area. It was super nice to get out in a forested area right here almost in town, with a stream and lots of green. We wanted to try out the new backpack carrier we bought (actually Kathleen did in Tri-Cities) off Craigslist. It worked great, and Dommy liked it a lot. Hopefully this will let Daddy check out trout streams and hunting spots with Dominic in the coming weeks!

Backyard Fun in the Fall

Here are some quick fotos of Dominic playing in the backyard with his new balls. He got a set of "sensory balls" from Aunt Nicole for his birthday and really loves them. He looks like Meadowlark Lemon when he palms the little ones, and has even kicked the bigger ones around a bit like a soccer ball. Also attached is a photo of our apple tree. Not tons of apples, but all ripe and ready for eating! Dominic "helps" us by collecting them and putting piles of apples under our feet, which is nice.