Thursday, January 26, 2012

The boys love the outside..even in December!

We're having an unseasonally warm winter in Lakeview this year (as is most of the country), so we hardly had any snow in December! This is unheard of, but allows us to spend more time outside since it was often over 40 degrees. Here are Dominic and Paddy riding their big wheels and bikes in front of the house, having a great time together.

And here are the boys at measurement time. Dommy now measures 3'6" and Paddy is now 2'9". Big boys!

Christmas in San Jose Part 2

Here are a few more pics and a video of Christmas in the Park in San Jose...

Dominic is on the train, in the last car. He waves to the camera (Daddy) momentarily:

Here is a picture of the boys on Christmas Eve. We had the traditional breakfast with the Cassingham extended family at the Flames, then went back to Aunt Debbie and Uncle Russ's house. We visited and opened some toys for the boys and their cousins which was very nice. Here's a picture of "Aunt" Shannon helping the boys open a gift, with their cousin Ryan (redhead) watching on. Aunt Margaret and Auntie Colie look on from the couch.

Christmas in San Jose Part 1

We had a great Christmas in San Jose this year with the Cassinghams, full of the three F's: food, festivities, and family! As part of our festivities, we always head down to the Christmas in the park in downtown San Jose. Here are some pictures of us boarding the light rail to go downtown...

In the park they arrange hundreds of Christmas trees decorated by local groups, and they also have Santa Claus and the animatronix train cars. These are vintage train cars with Christmas scenes that move and play music. The boys were very excited to see each of them, and we even captured a little bit of video to better explain them...

This is my Mommy...This is my Daddy

Dommy came back from school on separate days with pictures of Mommy and Daddy. First he came back with "Mommy," a little more abstract and colorful.

Then he came back with "Daddy," a masterpiece with jeans and hands and everything!

Here's a picture of the little buggers cuddled up on the living room floor, "camping."

San Francisco with Troy Dec. 29th

Tío Troy took Nicole, Kirsten, Daddy, and the boys down to San Francisco after Christmas to look around. We went to see a furniture vendor down by the Giants' stadium, but they were a little out of our range! Afterwards we went down to Embarcadero and had a lunch of fancy meat, cheese, and bread down on the wharf. The boys loved watching the ferries, even though there weren't any seals that day. If you look closely, you can see the Bay Bridge in the background.

After the market at the Embarcadero we went just across the street to the Hyatt Regency and checked out the Christmas lights. They were really amazing, as each of these white light strands is a single strand hanging from the balconies above at different lengths. Hundreds of strands--very cool!