Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tighes visit and Tree Planting

Grandma and Grandpa Tighe came out to visit last week as part of their Pacific Northwest tour 2010. Seriously, they went from WA to OR to ID, all after driving out from Michigan! Dominic and Patrick had a blast playing with Grandma and Grandpa, and Dommy even got it down to say "Grandma Tighe" and "Grandpa Tighe" during their visit. To celebrate Dommy's 2nd Birthday and Patrick's birth (back in April, but just now came together), we planted two trees out at our friends' ranch in Barnes Valley, OR. We planted "Dominic 2"(a quaking aspen) down near the creek away from the cows, and "Patrick 0" (a ponderosa pine) up by the ranch house where it'll get watered often. Of course, the hardest part is making sure the depth is right ;)...
Here are some pics of the tree planting, then a pic with Grandma&Grandpa and Warren (our neighbor) after the work was done!

Dommy got to pick some tomatoes from our garden with Grandma Tighe's help...

Then we went out and cut some firewood together at Bull Prairie. Dommy and Grandpa showed their muscles while Mike and Grandma just ate PB&J on the tailgate. A great day!
Here's a picture of Dommy in his new sweater from Grandma Tighe. It's got little trains with smokestacks and Dommy wore it to church last week. Pretty cute kid, I think...!

More Dommy 2yr Birthday fotos

We had a little mini-party for Dommy on Sept. 19th at our home. We invited some of the local kids he plays with, and they seemed to have a great time. Even better, Grandma and Grandpa Tighe were here visiting for the mini-party and got to participate (More on next post). Pictured are Dommy with the double hat, Garrett with the triple hat, with Behla and her Mom Katie, at the table with Behla and Garrett, then on the deck with Nick and Henry, and Behla, Violet, and Katie.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Dommy's Two Years Old!

For Dommy's Birthday (Sept. 3rd) we went to the Oregon coast with the Powers family (Mike's sister and her family). We had a fantastic time. The highlights included crabbing with Jeff, Madison, and Nicholas, flying kites, trying to go clamming on the seashore, Dommy's birthday meal, Madison's birthday song in Spanish, and lots of great meals at the house. Here are pics of Dominic at two years old and measuring almost 3'1", Dommy and his watermelon/ant cake at the coast, and a few shots of us playing on the beach:

On the way up to Waldport/Newport we got to stop by Kirsten's Uncle Dennis's house in Canyonville. It was really nice to see him and finally check out the town we'd heard so much about. Hopefully we see much more of him! Here is a pic of Uncle Dennis with Kirst and the boys, then Mike with Dommy on the shores of the Umpqua River (flyfishing heaven) near Uncle D's house:

We opened gifts at home after returning to Lakeview, and Dommy loved his firetruck and Eeyore from Grandma and Grandpa Cass, his new soccer goal from Mom and Dad, and all the gifts. Quite the haul--He's been enjoying them lots ever since!

Crawdad "fishing" and the Allen's visit

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Dommy's Car Bed and Cowboy

After weeks of debating, we finally decided we'd like to look for a car bed for Dommy, and low and behold but Grandma Cass found a used one for sale at Goodwill in San Jose! We picked it up when we went down there in early August, and got it set up in Dommy and Paddy's bedroom. Dommy loves it, and could say "car bed" before I even got the bolts together. Here's a pic of him in the bed, then hammin' it up for the camera on his rocking horse last week.

The Dog and Paddy in a Can

Here are the first of many long-awaited fotos. It's been a little busy around the Tighe house lately, but we wanted to share the following. Here is Patrick in a popcorn can, then Dommy with the dog stuffed animal on the deck. It's Kirsten's favorite stuffed animal from childhood, and we gave it one last hug before it bit the dust last week! The summer's going fast now, as it almost frosted last night and we had to cover the entire garden. Already missing the evenings out on the deck and eating outside...