Monday, July 26, 2010

Summertime fun with Troy

First, here's a foto of Dommy on our front porch from last week...

...and Patrick from this week...

Our good friend Troy drove up from the Bay Area for a few days and we had a great time showing him the area. The boys got lots of love from "Tío Troy", and were sad to see him go today. Here are a few pics of the boys dressed up for Mass...
...and when we went hiking/wading in the stream near the Mill Trail on Saturday.

Delicious! Oh, to be that limber again...

Friday, July 16, 2010

The Fourth of July in MI

The Fourth of July was another whirlwind trip, with destinations in IL, MI, and WI. First we had a fantastic time at Lori Hamburg and Chad Edwards' wedding in Danville, IL (no pictures, though!). Then we headed to visit our good friends the Applegates in lower Michigan and see sister Colleen and Bill's renovations at their home in lower MI. We made it to Mike's hometown for the fireworks, but got rained out in a real gulleywasher. The next day we headed to the cabin with the whole extended Tighe family for the week. Here are the younger cousins (and Aunt Colleen):

We went to Osvald's Bear Ranch and nearby Tahquahmenon Falls on one of our days and saw tons of big black bears close up! Here's Uncle Dave posing with a ferocious one, then Eva with a frog she caught on the grounds, and a couple of bears:

After leaving the U.P., we stopped for the night in Green Bay and stayed in the shadow of Lambeau Field. We visited the next morning, then headed to the airport and back home to OR! Dommy sure looks good in a cheesehead, doesn't he?

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Raleigh in early June

After Boston and Hilton Head, we finally got to visit Raleigh and see many of our friends and old haunts. But first, on the way, we hit "South of the Border" on the SC/NC border. Dommy had a great time, as you can see!

Next was Oakwood (where Mike used to live) and visiting the Phelans. We had a really special time hanging out with Jen, Rori, and Aiofe as well as walking around the neighborhood. On the way back we also stopped at Krispy Kreme to show Dommy how to "make the donuts".

A day or so later we joined the Guy family and Jyl Johnson at the University Club to enjoy the pool. Dominic and Colby had a great time playing in the water, and the cooldown was necessary for us adults, too.

A couple of pics from the airport bathroom after changing Dommy. Pretty happy in those clean pants, I guess.