Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tighes visit and Tree Planting

Grandma and Grandpa Tighe came out to visit last week as part of their Pacific Northwest tour 2010. Seriously, they went from WA to OR to ID, all after driving out from Michigan! Dominic and Patrick had a blast playing with Grandma and Grandpa, and Dommy even got it down to say "Grandma Tighe" and "Grandpa Tighe" during their visit. To celebrate Dommy's 2nd Birthday and Patrick's birth (back in April, but just now came together), we planted two trees out at our friends' ranch in Barnes Valley, OR. We planted "Dominic 2"(a quaking aspen) down near the creek away from the cows, and "Patrick 0" (a ponderosa pine) up by the ranch house where it'll get watered often. Of course, the hardest part is making sure the depth is right ;)...
Here are some pics of the tree planting, then a pic with Grandma&Grandpa and Warren (our neighbor) after the work was done!

Dommy got to pick some tomatoes from our garden with Grandma Tighe's help...

Then we went out and cut some firewood together at Bull Prairie. Dommy and Grandpa showed their muscles while Mike and Grandma just ate PB&J on the tailgate. A great day!
Here's a picture of Dommy in his new sweater from Grandma Tighe. It's got little trains with smokestacks and Dommy wore it to church last week. Pretty cute kid, I think...!

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Kay said...

Awesome sweater! I'm guessing Grandma Tighe knitted it?! Nice!