Friday, January 16, 2009

I saw the light, I was baptized...

Lots of photos follow, so I'll try to keep the text brief and focus on the important stuff!

While we were in the U.P. for Christmas, we worked it out to have Dominic baptized with his cousin Bennett (Colleen and Bill's son) at the same time at St. Anne's. This is the same church I grew up going to, where I was an altar boy and confirmed, and Dominic even wore the family baptism gown I wore way back in 1971! It was really a special day, and we're very thankful for all the work Colleen did with the scheduling and papers to make it happen. First, at left is a dynamite foto of Kirsten and Dominic just after the baptism ceremony. Mike is a lucky guy! Next to them is a photo of Dominic with his Godparents, Bill and Colleen Reader. They are also holding their son Bennett, part of the Double Dunkin' Duo, who was also baptized this day. Notice the extra large size of his baptism gown! Below that are Grandma and Grandpa Tighe with their newly-baptized grandsons. Dominic and Bennett both reacted very well to the annointing, no crying and no whining. I'll try to post a video of this later tonight.

Below left is a photo of all the family present for the ceremony, with Father: (clockwise from Dominic): Colleen, Bill, Eva, Dave, Fr. Janusz, Mike, Mom (just barely!), Lorne, Bennett, Patty, and Kirsten. At center are the proud parents posing with the Godparents and Fr. Janusz. At right is Dominic in the act, being blessed and annointed.

After the ceremony, we went out for brunch at one of our favorite haunts, the Delona. It's a landmark place in Bayview near Gladstone made from a log cabin. We had a great meal (Patty even got her Delona Hoagie fix taken care of), but Dominic spent the whole time in the corner sleeping. Didn't a famous philosopher once say something about putting Baby in the corner? Wait, no, that was Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing....

Whachoo talkin' 'bout, Willis?

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