Thursday, August 4, 2011

Camping At Junipers

In mid-July we took the boys out camping to test things before camping anywhere serious. We went to an RV park on the edge of town (Lakeview) that's owned by a friend. They have tent sites and a trout-stocked reservoir and it was free and easy. It was nice, but got a little colder than we planned for at night! Daddy was going to just use a thin blanket and Paddy would be in his pack'n'play, but after an hour of shivering we all cuddled up under the two sleeping bags (all 4 people). Mental note: bring more warm sleeping bags next time we camp in Oregon! Here are pics of Dommy taunting the cattle next to our tentsite, then Paddy getting changed in the tent hotel at the RV site (Junipers RV Resort).

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