Thursday, April 22, 2010

Waiting for Baby

On Saturday we went down to Hunter's Resort here in town to feed the ducks and geese, a favorite stop for Dominic and Daddy. They have ponds there, warmed by hot springs, that are open year round and on the Pacific Flyway for bird migration. This means they get lots of waterfowl moving through, and also have a resident bunch of mallards, etc. to feed whenever we go. Dommy really enjoys the place, and on Saturday he showed it off to the Cassinghams.

Over Tuesday night we got about 3" of new snow. Dominic got to play outside in it Wed. morning with Grandma Cass and Mommy and his new blue watering can. Looks like we won't need to water the garden outside for awhile yet, even though Daddy started the seeds this week indoors!

Dominic is spending lots of time reading with Grandpa Cass, and is loving every minute. We got some new books from the local library that they both enjoy!

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The Guy Family said...

congrats on a successful delivery! we send our love, and can't wait to meet the new addition!