Monday, April 5, 2010

Felices Pascuas

It was a snowy and cold Easter in Lakeview this year, but still full of fun! Although we tried to do it several times earlier in the week, we ended up dyeing eggs on Saturday. Dommy tried to help, but mostly watched and played with the wire tool as we dyed. They turned out pretty well, though, and we even got a few "Fidor" eggs (spider--or cracked--as kids would say it) after a few egg fumbles. Note the MSU and WVU eggs in the bunch--Daddy thought he'd be clever and predict the winners of the Final Four games this weekend, but it turns out he laid an egg--make that two eggs!
On Sunday we went to the fairgrounds for the much-hyped Easter Egg Hunt put on by the Lakeview Lions. It started at 1pm, but Dommy was sleeping until about 12:45, so we hurried to get there in case they started the littler kids first. We got to the fairgrounds at 1:05 and met oncoming traffic coming out of the parking lot--finished! Turns out it was all over already! They segregated areas by age, then let all the kids go at the same time, at exactly 1pm. All the eggs were gone and everyone was leaving 5 minutes later! Really? Some friends were nice enough to share some eggs with us and we staged a private egg hunt for Dommy anyways. We had practiced all week in the house, so wanted to show off his egghunting skills!
For Easter dinner we had some friends (Bri and Wade) over for dinner. We made a couple of courses from the Taste of Home recipe, which turned out pretty well. The ideas were great, but the execution was average on Dad's part. The best part was the Jell-o eggs made in the molds we got from Grandma and Grandpa Cassingham. They turned out great, and were a compliment to the blueberry-flavored edible grass we served them with!
While we were eating, Dommy was busy picking up chicks!
Here's what we woke up to today in Lakeview--about 2" of new snow.

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Kay said...

Dominic looks kind of like the e-trader baby on TV!