Thursday, April 15, 2010

Nuthin' yet! Preggo pics from today

Here we are on the due date, April 15th, but no baby yet. Kirsten is doing super well, and down to weekly/twice-a-week appointments. As with Dominic, we expected to probably go over the date (Dommy was 13 days over and HUGE), so this isn't a real shocker. The doctor said he probably wouldn't let Kirst go past 41 weeks (next Thursday), so hopefully the little one will want to come out before then naturally. The idea is that labor will start naturally (i.e. the baby will be ready to come out on its own accord), then we will have a C-section. This is the only real option since Kirst ended up with a C-section with Dominic last time and they prefer not to chance stressing those rehealed areas with another birth. Some places do it, but we're more interested in a healthy baby and Mom after a healthy birth at the local hospital than driving 3 hrs in labor to the big hospital to risk the natural birth there. Really tough decision, but take one look at the little bird below and it makes you believe everything will turn out alright!