Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Vaseline and Jamie's Visit

The last week of January we had a good friend visit from Washington. Jamie was headed to Indonesia and came through before his trip. We had a quick visit, but got to do some cool stuff like visit the ski hill here in Lakeview (Warner Mtn) and go bowling.

While we were preparing dinner one night we got to talking with Jamie and Dominic was super quiet in the other room. When we checked on him, he was just playing by the desk and reading books, etc. After this went on for quite awhile, we got suspicious and Kirsten confirmed our doubts. Turns out the kid had spread a tub of vaseline as far as he could under the desk--from head to toe and all over the carpet and desk. Everything glittered in the light of the lamp, like a Thomas Kinkade painting. Well, it was a little less fun to clean up, but seems like it all worked out okay. Mas necio no podria ser!

Here he is with Jamie at the ski hill, trying to make a snowball to throw at Daddy....

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