Friday, February 26, 2010

Snofest at Warner Canyon

Last Saturday was the Snofest at Warner Mtn, the ski hill just outside of Lakeview. It's a nonprofit, low-budget place with natural snow only, but has a ton of community support and we were excited to see the parade of skiers come down the mountain at night. Below is a picture of Dommy out in the dark waiting for the skiers, then with Mom and a random lady at the chalet. The video is dark, but shows the flares from the skiers' poles as they descend the mountain at night. Really cool. They also had a cookout, with beer and music in the chalet, which was a cool thing we like to support!

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Anonymous said...

domino is just too cute,, and not to mention a stud!!! love the yogurt... i love him messy. can't wait to see him in july in d-vegas,