Friday, February 26, 2010

Ash Wednesday, Deer, and Yogurt!

Last week Dommy had his first encounter with ashes at Mass, and didn't even smear them all over like we expected. He did really well, and it seems that the evening masses are much better than Sunday morning WRT his behavior.

The other night when we were coming home we saw a bunch of deer cross the road in front of us near our house. We followed them as they moved towards our house, paying no attention to the cars and people. There were about 15-20 mule deer in the little herd, and it just seems funny to see them peeking in our neighbors' windows!

Dommy is starting to use the fork and spoon more and more, but it requires a lot more patience from Mom and Dad. Below, Dommy fed himself a whole bowl-ful of yogurt and frozen berries (from Kats and Jeff this fall). He even got some of it in his mouth, I think. Doesn't he look a little like Homer Simpson scarfing down a pink-iced doughnut here?

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