Thursday, April 16, 2009

Yosemite Part 2 and Hetch Hetchy

After hiking in the Valley, Mike really wanted to go up and see Hetch Hetchy Reservoir. It's pretty famous as the site of an environmental battle between San Francisco Water Dept folks and John Muir, and supposed to be as beautiful as the Yosemite Valley. The difference is that 97% of the park's visitors go to the Yosemite Valley, and only 1% go to Hetch Hetchy. As you can see, this was an amazing part of the trip, and we both decided it would be the place we'd revisit when we go back. Almost no people, beautiful scenic trails, and little waterfalls everywhere (where we filled up our water bottles from snowmelt right above us). It didn't hurt that we were there at sunset, either. We hiked up near the Wapama Falls, but then had to go back before the park closed. We went back down towards our camp at Hogdon Meadows, but stopped at Evergreen Campground's restaurant midway to have dinner and a beer. What a great day.

Here's a small video of the Upper Yosemite Falls taken in the valley, too.

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