Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter at the Cassinghams

We spent last week in San Jose with the Cassinghams, and got to see lots of family in a very short time. Aunt Marsha came down from Portland, Aunt Nicole came in from L.A., and we got to see Michelle, Sixto, Aunt Linda, Jo & J.D., and lots of friends. Dominic seemed to love having a bath in the Cassinghams' kitchen sink, as evidenced by his smiles and giggles. He also did really well in the 100+ year-old high chair/stroller that he ate in each day.
We got to dye Easter eggs on Holy Thursday and the Easter Bunny hid them around the backyard on Easter Sunday. It was great, and the Easter Bunny knows how to hide 'em! Somehow Shelley and Kirsten knew just where to look...hmmm...

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