Monday, April 6, 2009

Springtime in the South

The last few weeks have been typical of Raleigh's spring--from seventy-five degrees one day to 40 the next. We still haven't put our plants outside, but have started the lettuce and peas in the garden. The pines have really had their pollen flight this week, covering everything in their path in a yellow haze. Follow the yellow brick road! (photo of sidewalk behind Mike's office)

Dominic's been eating small pieces by himself now, including sweet potatoes!

We took a leisurely walk through Pullen Park near NCSU with Tom and Erin and children last weekend. These photos of the pond turned out really well. What a nice day.

Lastly is our street as of Sunday, April 5th. The dogwoods are going crazy right now, so it looks almost like snow in the trees and on the ground some days.

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Aunt Julie said...

I love the everything but napping video. His smiles are contagious. What a sweet boy.