Sunday, May 22, 2011


Last Thursday Mike (Dad) went to trapeze school with several members of his family in NYC to celebrate his sister Patty's graduation from NYU (Lory, Colleen, Patty, Mike, Lorne, and Mom for emotional support). Here are some clips from the school. We had about 15 min of instructions, then they started us on the trapeze. Really scary at first, but we got much better after the 5th or 6th times! The final move was the "catch", where the instructor is swinging from the opposite trapeze and catches you as you peak up. All the Tighes passed this test, although we didn't get them all on film. Mom always said we belonged in the circus!

First Patty;

Then Mike;

Then Uncle Lorne (the timing was off this time, but he did it too!);

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