Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's Day

after church fotos

Dad made some great sweet potato waffles, then off to church, with handsome boys, Mike too although not shown,, afterwards Mike used my new chain degreaser/cleaner (early mother's day gift) to clean up the bikes for a ride. I made a mushroom/spinich tart and an asparagus one, then we ventured out. Unfortuneately I do not have fotos of our bike ride. It was at first adorable to see both boys in the trailer, Mike hauled them against the wind to the airport and I followed along with pinwheels around my bike. A few cries and whines accompanied us but with a break at the airport and a search for any wildlife we only found stormy clouds. So with juice boxes gone and no more grahm crackers we again faced the wind ?? and then hail/snow we only heard the constant cries from the trailer (at this point comical),, heads bent down we hustled home for a fire and jammies. A great mothers day,, plus a special card from Mike along with a fancy candle and lip balm that i had to squirrel away from dominic,,

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jemima said...

The matching shirts are so adorable! You guys all look terrific! Happy Mother's Day!!!