Thursday, June 10, 2010

Hilton Head with the Cassinghams

As part of the Boston/Raleigh trip, we were able to drive down to Hilton Head, SC (4.5 hrs) from Raleigh and enjoy a great week with the Cassinghams at their timeshare. We took lots more fotos, but not on Mike's camera so they don't appear here. The temps were hot, so the Atlantic was very warm and it felt fantastic to just soak up the beach. We saw some dolphins and lots of brown pelicans of course, and Dommy had a blast playing in the ocean and 'making' (destroying) sand castles with Daddy. We also rented bicycles and drove around the island with the Cassinghams and Deisenroths (good friends), and took one day to tour Savannah, GA while we were there. The pics are all of us at the waterfront in Savannah, Dommy using Grandpa Cassingham's computer, getting off the bike at Banyard Plantation, peeking through the "tabby" walls at the plantation, and posing with Grandpa with their matching Gilligan hats. Don't miss the awesome Michigan State jersey that Grandpa and Grandma found for him, too!

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