Thursday, June 10, 2010

Dommy's First Haircut

On the way from Hilton Head to Raleigh Mike realized that we were going to make it during business hours and that he could catch a haircut at Esquire Haircutters where he went for ~10 years while living in Raleigh. Like everywhere, your barber begins to feel like family if you go to the same place that long, so we stopped by for a haircut. While waiting for Mike's turn, we decided to ask Ronny what we could do with Dommy's mullet and ended up having him give Dommy a trim.
"Don't cut off his curls" pleaded Mommy, "just a tiny bit so he doesn't have a mullet!" Dommy wasn't too sure at first, when Ronny brought out a little booster that goes across the armrests and put on the black cape. Here's a "BEFORE" shot....

...and AFTER....

He's a handsome little devil, isn't he?! He did a great job sitting still for the haircut, and we saved some of those curly locks for his keepsake box that Toots Hamburg gave us when Dommy was born. He looks more like a two-year-old now, and is still growing to beat the band!

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Anonymous said...

not that he wasn't before, but he's even more of a stud!!! too cute.. and how does such a busy boy walk in flip flops already? is he ambidextrious????