Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Today in Lakeview

Not sure what date will show up on these pictures, but these are from Tuesday, May 11th. Yes, it's mid-May and we've got snow! We got a few inches overnight, just enough to play in for the morning, but then mostly melted off by evening. We did some playing inside, and Dommy came out with Daddy's shirt on as a surprise. This was the first time he ever put a shirt on by himself, and just stood there proud as punch like little Merlin. Too funny!

Here's a pic of baby Patrick in his new duds from a gal in Kirsten's office. Life is good when you're 3 weeks old!


Tucker and Lauren's Mommy said...

That little Monkey looks alot like his mommy!

Zulema Z. Frey said...

Congratulations on the new adition of the family!!Things went so fast, last time I knew about the baby was just the announcement of the pregnancy. I can't believe you walked to the hospital!!Again, congratulations from the FREY family.