Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Older pics from the birth ~3 weeks ago

Here are some pictures I neglected to put up from the time of Patrick's birth. First, here are Dommy, Patrick, and Mommy with the Cassinghams.

Next, a picture of Patrick getting a shot and checking his jaundice score in the hospital.

Patrick scored a little high on the BR count, so had to go in the tanning bed and soak up some rays. He seemed to love the heat and just laying around, although he cries when we do it at home!

Dommy went down to the hospital with the Cassinghams to visit Patrick and Mommy when Paddycake was on the tanning bed.


Zulema Z. Frey said...

Poor little one, was it b/c of the so called jaundice??Erin was almost sent to the place too, but formula made the trick. I hope everything went well!!

Bobby said...

Seems to "love the heat and just lying around," eh? I wonder where he got those traits from?