Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Random Christmas Pics

On New Year's Day we went down to Santa Cruz beach and boardwalk with Grandma Cassingham. It was great weather (about 64 degrees and sunny) even though the water was pretty cold. Dommy didn't seem to care and was rolling around in the sand and surf the whole time. On the boardwalk Dommy took an interest to the pellet gun game--couldn't take his eye off it!

Between Christmas and New Year's we went hiking with the Allens. Audra, Eric, Liam, and Elizabeth went showed us a nice hiking area near Rancho San Antonio (I think) with a great view of the Bay. The hike was a little longer than we originally expected, but a great way to work off some holiday eating.

Dommy chowing down under Grandma's careful watch in the antique high chair.

Troy came down from San Mateo and Nikki came down from Redwood City for an afternoon to visit with Alex and Kate.
A nice photo of the Cassinghams with Aunt Linda and Cousin Michelle after dinner on Jan. 2nd.

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Bobby said...

Dude, every time I see the SC boardwalk, I cannot help but think of the Lost Boys. Just AWESOME.