Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Christmas in downtown San José

On Christmas eve night we went downtown for the annual showing of the animated traincars. We took the real train down to the city center with the Allens, and it was Dommy's first time aboard.

There are a whole bunch of animatronix traincars that they set up each year that were donated to the city. They're pretty old and show things like elves making toys and Santa going down the chimney. Thousands of local residents come out to see them, and also to ice skate under the palm trees there!
We went into the ritzy Fairmont hotel downtown to use the bathrooms and saw their lifesize gingerbread house, too. Dominic was playing inside with random kids while we listened to some jazz. If you look closely, you can still see the flour on the gingerbread!

After walking around we went out for Thai food, since it was the only place open on Christmas eve. Thai food, just like Grandma Tighe used to make!

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