Monday, August 31, 2009

Nuestra Casa

It's been a challenge to get the photos and internet connection altogether, but here they are! We've now painted 4 of 6 rooms in the house (since most of the photos were taken), and it's all coming together. We had help from the Cassinghams for the painting, or it probably wouldn't be done yet!
Here are a few pictures of our new place, with explanations:

The front room (living room) with a working woodstove.

The kitchen, with a view of the laundry room.

Dominic's room.

The master bedroom.

The McDonald's bathroom that the last tenants painted (the next room we'll paint).

The family room in the back that goes out to the deck/backyard.

Our patio furniture and porch swing.

The backyard, and one of the sheds.

Inside the heated shed.

The outside of the family room and heating oil tank.

Our apple tree.

The king of the house and Grant on the front steps (to be recovered, too). About 3 times bigger than our last place in Raleigh, we're really getting used to the big space. Come and visit us!