Monday, August 3, 2009

First Camping trip

Last weekend we took Dominic up to Key Haven (Kerr Lake) for his first camping trip ever. It was bittersweet, being his first and simultaneously our last trip up there. This place has lots of memories over the past 9 years, including the place where we got engaged in early 2006. The great part is that our good friend Paul was able to come up, even though his wife is traveling and couldn't make it. Paul also brought his canoe, which was a fun distraction, too. Great time to catch up over some beers, sausages, and stars.
Dominic really loved the whole experience, and slept very well. We got out the big "tent hotel" and set up his pack'n'play inside. He learned all about eating dirt, mosquitoes, and that Mom and Dad are pretty relaxed while in the woods!

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