Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Devo, Divas, and Gnomes

This Saturday we had a nice snow overnight and it's also been warm (around 30 degrees). You know what this means--snowballs and snowmen! We all bundled up and spent a few hours in the yard enjoying winter together. We were a little short on corn cob pipes, button noses, and eyes made out of coal, so we had to make do. The first one we made together had Christmas nougats for eyes and scared the pants off all of us!

Mike made his "Frosty" with apricot eyes, a flower pot, and chocolate chips. It turned out a little more like Devo than Frosty--with a rockin' guitar.

Kirsten was intent to make an "equal opportunity" female snowman, so she softened hers up a little with an apron, a cranberry mouth and hair (flowers from the yard)!

The other project we finished was to repaint the gnome Mike received from Toots and Lori many years ago (long, funny story). The Raleigh rains did a number on it, and it needed some work, so Mike picked up some 25-cent discontinued samples at that hardware store and repainted him. We decided he'd be our new weather forecaster in the backyard. "If gnome is wet--rain. If gnome is dry--sunshine."

Well, here he is as we awoke on Monday!

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