Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween and Taylor Ranch

Halloween seemed to come and go really quickly this year, but we got all the major components together in time. Grandma Cassingham found Dominic a great used costume down in CA, and we carved the pumpkins and decorated the house as the kids were starting to arrive. They start early in Lakeview!
Dominic really liked his pirate costume, and even let Dad put a mascara moustache on him. He wouldn't sit still enough for the beard, but you take what you can get at this age!
Here's Dommy with the neighbor boy Garrett, who's about 5 months older than Dommy. No, you can't trick or treat by yourself yet!

On Sunday after Halloween we went out to our neighbors' ranch down in Barnes Valley. They have about 1,800 acres down there that they lease out for cattle, so we got to run around and explore the area. Dominic really liked sitting on the 4-wheeler and his first ride with Dad.

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