Monday, July 13, 2009

Poplar Lake (no fish!)

For the week after the Fourth we rented out the Poplar Lake fishing cabin, a large cabin on a 42-acre lake that's "off the grid" in Upper Michigan. Stories abound about the trophy fish in the lake, but let's just say that Jumbo didn't see any of them!
We had a great time, full of campfires, fishing, "bug dope," fireworks, great meals, inventive games, and catching up with each other. Below are some photos of Kats, Lory, and Jeff sitting around after breakfast, Dave cooking scotcheroos (first time ever!), all the kids lining up for the fireworks, Dominic saying hello to Lory's dog Jody, Paul and Maggie showing their dancing moves in their new shorts (with glow-in-the-dark thread) from Grandma Tighe and Colleen enjoying some Bear Attack ice cream at the Midway with Madison and Eva. Below this is a video of Dominic and Cousin Bennett in the Jacuzzi tub!
On our last day at the cabin the Powers family and the Raleigh Tighes went up to Pictured Rocks to hike down to Lake Superior. We did the same hike last year, but Dominic was still 'in utero'!! A short ten months later, and he was crawling around the beach and occasionally standing up by himself. Dommy's standing at the fence overlooking Miner's Castle below. Given that this is the north, the highway signs are a little different, too. Check out the speed limits in Munising (esp. the lower one)!

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