Wednesday, June 24, 2009

First Father's Day at Topsail Beach, NC

Last week we had some special visitors from California arrive (Troy, Audra, Liam, and Elizabeth) to spend some time with us in NC. We did tons of stuff, and it was great seeing Elizabeth and Dominic together. They both had the exact same due date, but were born about 2 weeks apart. That is, they're both going through a lot of the same developmental stages and it was cool to see them interact. Liam is 6 now, so he had more detailed questions and got to enjoy the area from a whole different perspective.
We rented a beachhouse for last weekend in Topsail Beach, NC. It's near Camp LeJeune, but is a quieter gem that North Carolinians really like. We had a great place right on the water, and got to swim each day. We also spent Mike's first Father's Day there, complete with balloons, streamers, and gifts! Mike (and Dommy) got a great old-school wooden logging truck toy to play with as well as some cool clothes and pictures. We ate popsicles at a local handmade place, toured the Sea Turtle rescue hospital, got Hawaiian shaved ice at the minigolf place, ate Andy's chargrilled burgers, watched the sunset, and just enjoyed the ocean over mint juleps.

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