Thursday, May 28, 2009

Memorial Day

Last night we got back from our Annual Peace Corps group trip, this time near Breckenridge, CO. This was the ninth year of our trip, but the first time with Dominic. He had a great time and really enjoyed all the attention from everyone (like Jemima at right). We also got to do some recreation during our short trip; Kirsten went horseback riding with the crew, Mike went flyfishing with some of the guys, we went hiking in the mountains, and we all (even Dominic) went bikeriding around Lake Dillon. Great trip, even though the weather was pretty overcast or raining most of the time.
The views were spectacular the whole time, with snowcapped peaks all around us. They were still skiing at some of the resorts, but on limited snow (and some natural flakes in the higher altitudes). The mountain pine beetle has killed off many of the pines in the area, but the aspens were leafing out and the streams were rolling high.

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Robert said...

You look like a legitimate fisherman, Jumbo! Nicely done. Also good to see that you kept my nephew well out of the range of an errant wooly booger.