Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Grandma & Grandpa Tighe's First Visit

From Grandma Tighe:

Hurrah for Obama! (boooooo??) Yes, here we are at the rally --why am I at this place when I have been taught better!!? It was a great day for all of us, even though I did secretly boo and hiss at some of the spoken words.

Fun time 'Stuffing the kid into the pumpkin'.

Hanging out with a 'drunken Grandma.' We had such a fun time as it was great weather and
all was 'smiling'.

Finally, I had my chance to ride the WEINER MOBILE but had no driver. Isn't it a thrill to see!

Grandpa checking out the snake squash at the farmer's market. Another fun time with food and items to eat at home--red and yellow peppers--yum, yum

Being with Kirsten , Mike and Dommy has been a blast! We did many things, among them was the time at the ocean, plantation, Wilmington, the rally for Obama, walks about the city while checking out the big, old houses, eating good foods, and visiting.

Dommy has grown so much since we arrived here. He thinks we are a little funny as he expresses himself with gurgles, noises, and WAAHAA WAAHAA! However, he does get our attention even though he is just being cute as a button.

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